My Top 10 Favorite Affirmations

Ok I first want to say that I am very new to the world of affirmations. And honestly used to think they were kind of silly. One of the biggest hurdles in my business has been shifting my mindset and overcoming doubts. Words of Affirmation is my love language. Seriously, you can never tell me enough nice things about myself. I realized one day that I could have a steady stream of affirmations from others and if I didn’t believe them, they would mean literally nothing to me. I needed to be loving myself through my love language too. So I started doing affirmations.

If you want affirmations to actually make a difference you have to do them long term and believe they will work. An affirmation has to be at least 50% true for your brain to accept it. “I will become the president” is not something I am saying because 1. I have no desire to be the president and 2. I know that will never ever happen. My favorite way to come up with an affirmation is to take a negative thought and flip it. If I am saying “I will never book another wedding again” to myself in my head I then start saying “I am consistently booking my ideal clients.” And every single time I catch myself thinking that negative thought in my head I immediately say the positive one.Until I am no longer hearing that doubt- just the positive affirmation. 

Speaking them out loud is really powerful but I am also constantly saying them in my head. I also like to start my morning by writing down three affirmations that are solely based on how I am feeling when I wake up and what my intentions for the day are. They may be ones I have used before or they may be completely new. Then I will speak a few of my favorites as well. I have different affirmations for all different aspects of my life. 

To keep it simple I have broken it up into the three main aspects of my life. Business, social, and motherhood.


These are probably the most needed affirmations. If you listened to my interview on the Level Up Film Co podcast, I shared a lot of the back and forth it took for me to commit to starting my business. Affirmations were key in giving me the confidence I needed to succeed. Here are a few of my favorite business affirmations

There is space for me in the _____ market (insert whatever wedding market you are trying to serve)

I am consistently booking dream weddings with ideal clients and planners. 

I am good enough to be where I am. I belong and will continue to elevate. 


I tend to think people are thinking the worst of me (while I think the best of them.. confusing I know.) So these are some of my favorite affirmations to use with others. 

It is not my responsibility to take on the emotions of someone else until they bring them to me. 

I am a light to others. People enjoy being around me.

I bring value to the world. 


Oooooh motherhood takes so much patience and one of the best ways for me to find that patience is to stop and take a deep breath and say these affirmations in my head. 

It is my job to be the adult, it is their job to be the child.

Invite them to join my calm, do not join their chaos. 

I am a well of never ending patience. 


I know religion is not for everybody and I am a full believer that everyone needs to do what is right for them in their life. For me, I cannot say affirmations without acknowledging the role of a higher power in my life. So I like to add this one in-

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

Ok those are just a few of my favorite affirmations. If you have any favorites please let me know! I am always adding to my list!